Bourne Prisma Radio W
Bourne Prisma Radio W
Bourne Prisma Radio W
Bourne Prisma Radio W
Bourne Prisma Radio W
Bourne Prisma Radio W
Bourne Prisma Radio W


Bourne Prisma Radio W

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Bourne Summum Prisma Radio has finally landed and as usual, Varlion dares to challenge the normal with new innovations and technologies that will develop the game. Completely unique gameplay. Very easy to maneuver despite the high balance and exit from the racket is huge! Because there are fewer holes in the sweetspot, more carbon fiber can hit the ball and set tremendous speed.


Bourne Summum Prisma Radio is a unique racket where the racket’s impact surface is constructed in a completely new way. Holes in paddle rackets are usually drilled, but in Prisma Radio, Varlion has developed a patented technology to be able to cast the holes directly during manufacture. This means that the holes and the entire impact surface are completely intact and you run a much lower risk of the impact surface cracking between the holes.


In addition to the technology itself, Varlion has also analyzed the air flow in the paddle rack at the turn and realized that the air mainly passes through the outermost holes. For that reason, Varlion has now created large air intakes near the frame with its AirFlow technology so you always get the fastest possible turn. These holes are also cast in the mold and are therefore chamfered into the impact surface.


Thanks to its hybrid shape between drip and diamond, with high balance, Bourne has a large and generous sweetspot that can be compared to an oversized diamond shape. Bourne is a model born in 2018 from the merger between Cañon (diamond shape created in 1995) and Avant (tear shape created in 2009). As a result, we achieved a drop-shaped racket, designed for players who seek control in their game without losing power.


The PRISMA frame provides better aerodynamics and cuts through the air so that you can get a faster swing with 10% reduced air resistance, while the outer edge of the frame is reduced by 90% and is only a few millimeters wide so you have the smallest possible contact area go in the glass as you dig deep for the balls. All this means better maneuverability of the racket and greater acceleration capacity at hits.


On the other hand, we have reinforced its most delicate tip (head) with a self-adhesive bumper that adapts perfectly to its shape, Prisma bumper. This covers not only the frame but also its connection to the plane of the racket.


The core is Varlion’s Winter core and is a medium hard core that gives a good bounce and is adapted for games below 25 degrees. The hitting surface itself is made of only a unique layer of Italian 12K carbon fiber, which gives you a very good exit without that rack becoming too heavy. The carbon fiber gives a very good exit on the ball without becoming too stiff. This gives a better feeling from the carbon fiber. The direction of the carbon fiber is also rotated 45 degrees to create a 3D effect that allows more carbon fiber threads to be used with each stroke and you can use the rack’s material to the max.


Bourne Summum Prisma also has the unique Summum shape which means that the handle is 2 cm longer than usual and that the impact surface is 1 cm longer than usual. This means that you can more easily hit a two-handed backhand and get a greater leverage effect in the blows and can generate more power. 


When it comes to applying effects to hits, it presents a rough texture in the plane called Slice, which has been designed and developed with a series of curved lines that make the ball stick more. As these contours are cast into the surface, the structure will never disappear. 


Unique to Varlion’s rackets is also the way the seat belt is attached to the handle itself instead of to the knob. This means that the seat belt is more or less impossible to tear.


This model is made 100% by hand in Spain and Varlion’s very own factories. If you are instead looking for a racket with more all-round properties, we recommend Varlion Maxima Summum Prisma Radio.

The racket protector is shipped seperate from the racket. Super easy to attach at home.