Avant Difusor Carbon Black
Avant Difusor Carbon Black
Avant Difusor Carbon Black
Avant Difusor Carbon Black
Avant Difusor Carbon Black
Avant Difusor Carbon Black
Avant Difusor Carbon Black


Avant Difusor Carbon Black

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The Varlion Avant Difusor Carbon Black 2022 is the successor to the popular Avant Difusor, the characteristics of the Avant really give you the opportunity to dominate whether you are on the defensive or on the offensive.


Thanks to its teardrop shape with medium balance, the Avant has a sweetspot that provides a lot of all-round characteristics.


To make the sweetspot more generous, Varlion uses its Gradual Holes technology, which means that the holes on the hitting surface are drilled in different sizes. The holes are made larger the closer they get to the frame to compensate for the stiffness from the frame and create a more homogeneous feel across the entire hitting surface.


To provide better air resistance, the racket has Difusor wings at the heart that cut through the air.


The core is medium hard to provide good response and high feeling in the blows. The frame has a Hexagon shape in 100% carbon fiber and in order not to make the racket too stiff, double layers of glass fiber are used together with a hard EPOXY layer. This gives a soft and lovely feeling where it is easy to find power.

Also unique to Varlion’s rackets is that the structure of the surface layer is cast in the mold and that the way the safety strap is attached to the handle itself instead of the knob. This means that the safety belt is more or less impossible to tear off. This model is made 100% by hand in Spain and Varlion’s own factories.


If you are instead looking for a racket with more power, we recommend you check out the Cañon Difusor Carbon Black or the Bourne Summum Carbon Black. Should you want even more control, we recommend LW Summum.The racket protector is shipped seperate from the racket. Super easy to attach at home.