Maxima Sum Jr Pansy
Maxima Sum Jr Pansy
Maxima Sum Jr Pansy
Maxima Sum Jr Pansy
Maxima Sum Jr Pansy
Maxima Sum Jr Pansy
Maxima Sum Jr Pansy


Maxima Sum Jr Pansy

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Maxima Summum Junior Pansy is back in a new guise, The incredibly appreciated racket was one of 2021’s absolute bestsellers among the juniors, the reason why this is such a success is the fact that Varlion uses techniques that are also found in their top models and that Varlion understands that juniors grow, develop and do not always remain just juniors. Probably the best junior racket on the market with both a focus on the junior’s game at the moment and also its development. Recommended for ages 7-13 years. 


In the rack, Varlion has used the Summum technology, which means that the rack’s handle is a little longer and that the hitting surface is longer than usual.


This means that Maxima Summum Junior Pansy, with its hybrid form between round and drop, facilitates the transition for a junior player when it is time to start playing with adult rackets. The racket has a very strong focus on helping the junior at the moment, while the focus is also on development and what is to come.


The rack’s frame and striking surface are made of fiberglass to give a comfortable feeling and the opportunity to easily speed up the ball together with the soft core.


Just like all Varlion rackets, the Maxima Summum Junior Pansy 2022 has holes drilled in different sizes, something that Varlion calls Gradual Holes. This means that the holes are made smaller in the middle so that you can have as much hitting surface under the ball as possible and then made larger the closer they get to the frame. The reason for this is that you as a player should get a bigger sweetspot, regardless of model, and a more forgiving feeling.


If you are instead looking for a slightly heavier racket, we recommend Maxima Summum Junior.

The racket protector is shipped seperate from the racket. Super easy to attach at home.