LW C Ti Difusor Black
LW C Ti Difusor Black
LW C Ti Difusor Black
LW C Ti Difusor Black
LW C Ti Difusor Black
LW C Ti Difusor Black
LW C Ti Difusor Black


LW C Ti Difusor Black

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The 2022 model from the former bestseller has received both updated design and technology so that you as a player can easily find the right one in every stroke, LW Cti Difusor Black 2022 is perfect for you who have played for a while but who are looking for you to the next level in your game, without making life too difficult.


LW Cti Difusor Black 2022, with its slightly cocky but still Scandinavian design, has a frame in 100% carbon fiber to give you the stiffness and stability you need to always feel safe in every stroke and have maximum Control. Unique to Varlion’s round models is that these have a medium balance so that you as a player can avoid a fluttering racket and instead always feel that the racket is behind the ball and helps you.


In the heart, Varlion uses its Difusor technology to facilitate the flow of air through the heart so the rack is as smooth as possible.


The racket’s core is a medium-soft EVA core that gives you the best of three worlds – control, durability and resistance to harder blows. On the surface, Varlion uses double layers of fiberglass to give you a forgiving and easy ball hit, but at the same time have the ability to add power when you need it. On the outermost surface layer, you then have a structure that helps you with spin in case of screwed blows.


Just like in all Varlion’s rackets, the LW Cti Difusor Black 2022 also has holes drilled in different sizes, something that Varlion calls Gradual Holes. This means that the holes are made smaller in the middle so that you can have as much hitting surface under the ball as possible and then made larger the closer they get to the frame.

The reason for this is that you as a player should get a bigger sweetspot, regardless of model, and a more forgiving feeling.


This means that the seat belt is more or less impossible to tear. This model is made 100% by hand in Spain and Varlion’s very own factories.The racket protector is shipped seperate from the racket. Super easy to attach at home.