Cañon Difusor Carbon Black
Cañon Difusor Carbon Black
Cañon Difusor Carbon Black
Cañon Difusor Carbon Black
Cañon Difusor Carbon Black
Cañon Difusor Carbon Black


Cañon Difusor Carbon Black

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Varlion Cañon Diffuser Carbon Black 2022 is here! Varlion continues to be a leader in innovation of new padel rackets. The Cañon Difusor is part of Varlion’s Black Series, which is the top series with the best materials and technologies gathered together.

In this racket we have a diamond shape model that targets and is best suited for the offensive player who prefers power and speed. With the racket’s ‘bidirectional’ carbon fiber and Hypersoft Foam foam made in hard density and laminated in both carbon and fiberglass, you get fine precision in the various strokes.

The racket contains the VAR-FLEX epoxy resin technology, which provides maximum strength and elasticity, which also increases the durability of the material.

Summum technology is a new technology that can be found in the summum rackets in the form of a longer handle, comfortable grip, longer hitting surface, varying size of the holes in the racket to get a larger sweet spot and vibration damping. Ribbed structured surface with better durability as the racket’s 3D surface is made directly in the racket from its own material instead of with a stick that wears faster. We also find the Wings Diffusor which is the system at the neck of the racket. This increases stability, increases air velocity and dampens vibrations.

This racket comes with an integrated frame protection called Hexagon Bumper. This protects the racket against impacts on glass, floors or gratings while removing vibrations.

This is a racket in absolute top class for the offensive player!

The padel brand Varlion was founded in 1993 in Argentina. In 1995, Varlion’s first padel rack was created by which was designed by the brand’s founder Felix Regalia. Since 2001, the business was moved and is now conducted in Spain.The racket protector is shipped seperate from the racket. Super easy to attach at home.